Bilsdale-Worms breed and sell high quality Dendrobaena worms for fishing & composting.    Our worms are supplied fresh from our own boxes and are harvested on a daily basis.

You will find they are exceptionally good value for money and we strongly believe we cannot be beaten on price.

Dendrobaenas are known as the best worms for fishing.  We sell hundreds of kilos of “standard” dendrobaenas for coarse fishing and can also supply “larger” dendrobaenas for trout, salmon & eel fishing. We supply the worms in 1kg breathable bags.  Dendrobaenas can be kept for weeks in the bag provided if placed on a concrete floor where there are no large fluctuations in temperature. A little mashed potato,  melon skins or meal can be introduced after 2 to 3 weeks.  The peat should be kept moist – you should just be able to obtain a few drops of moisture if you squeeze the peat very tightly.

Dendrobaenas can be used very successfully for composting anything that been grown and also kitchen waste – known as vermicomposting.

We supply a number of manufacturers of household wormeries with worms and can recommend those to you,  all of which come with specific instructions  on how to use Bilsdale worms.  These are wormeries used to recycle compostable household food waste and garden waste into garden compost,  after which the compost can be used on your own garden.

Bilsdale worms also supply worms to fish breeders and bird breeders.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be only too pleased to help.