Bilsdale-Worms breed and sell high quality Dendrobaena worms for fishing & composting.

We are a small family business run by Chris & Jean Bean.

Chris became interested in worm farming in 1983 when Chris & Jean moved to a smallholding in Chopgate.  In the early days the worms were used to break down manure from a calf rearing enterprise. The resulting compost was sold to Gardeners and Nurserymen.  Chris also ran a cattle foot trimming and freeze branding business which became very busy in the early 1990s and the worms had to take a back seat.

In 1995 at the height of the BSE outbreak in cattle,  the decision was taken to start worm farming commercially, and since then, sales of worms have increased year by year.  In 2007, the smallholding was sold and a bungalow purchased in Great Broughton.  The worms are now housed in a farm building about a mile from the bungalow.

Our worms are supplied fresh from our own boxes and are harvested on a daily basis.
You will find they are exceptionally good value for money and we strongly believe we cannot be beaten on price.